Lauren Austin Wood

fashion stylist by day

Music maker by night

Voyager at heart


Being a fashion stylist and consultant, I am lucky enough to travel the world to do my job.  In the last two years I have been to Mexico, Ireland, Peru, Iceland, Ibiza, and the Greek Islands to name a few.  I am in charge of transporting trunk upon trunk of wardrobe across the world, styling the models, and working with a team to concept an overall look for the client (be it a catalog, a product, or a magazine).

The work is hard, but often a blast, and the people I work with are inspiring. I see so much on my travels and because of my job, I really have clothes and “lifestyle” on the brain. So I thought I’d create a place where I can share what I see and experience— but also create a guide for what you might need in your bag when you to make it to one of these far flung (or right around the corner) places. I love the idea of packing light- though my reality is often different.  One day I’ll head to some tropical place for a month with only a backpack full of highly curated pieces– stylish and utilitarian.

I am a big believer that travel helps you discover yourself.  I never come home from a new place without a beautiful textile, a great new recipe to try, new music on my ipod, and a good tan (or some bumps and bruises– hopefully not a parasite– it’s happened). Sometimes I return with a simple snapshot that reminds me of a perfect moment.  The world is big, beautiful, breathtaking! Come along for the ride….

Lauren Austin Wood


Wax: (of the moon) to increase in the extent of its illuminated portion before the full moon

Cruz (cruise): Sail about in an area without any precise destination (especially for pleasure)








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