Tamegroute Diamond Candlestick


On my last trip to Morocco, I was completely charmed by Tamegroute ceramics.  The regal emerald color and rustic silhouettes feel like relics from the past, yet have a modern, timeless quality.  They have since become conversation pieces in my own home, and I love seeing them every day, a treasure I found in a faraway place.  They are handmade in one of the oldest towns in the Moroccan desert and upon doing a little research, I discovered what makes these pieces so special:

"Tamegroute pottery is only baked a single time, the glaze is painted before it enters the oven. The glaze consists of manganese, silicon, and copper. The 1% copper together with the clay out of the Draa river-bed is exactly what forms the characteristic green color. Another type of clay with the same glaze composition would not provide the same result."

The Diamond Candlestick is functional art.  Let it's talismanic presence bring magic and light to your space!

**PLEASE NOTE that each piece is handmade and imperfect. There may be variation and slight flaws from one piece to the next, a reflection of being made without the use of measuring instruments or molds.  

Width: 16"

Heighth: 20" 

$ 168.00